Counter >> DH48J (8 pins) DH48J-A(11 pins)
DH48J (8 pins) DH48J-A(11 pins)

Digital Counter
Type DH48J (8 pins) DH48J-A(11 pins)
Voltage DC12~220V, AC12~380V DC12~220V, AC12~380V
Time range 1~9999,times(×1×10×100) 1~9999,times(×1×10×100)
Contact mode Panel type Panel type
Contact capacity AC220V:5A DC24V:7A AC220V:5A DC24V:7A
Temperature -10℃~50℃ -10℃~50℃
Humidity 35%~85% 35%~85%
Mechanical life 1×10/5 1×10/5
Work mode Without Memory With Memory
Count way
Connection diagram
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